Who We Are

One aspect unique to our community here in Southern Idaho, when compared to others along Interstate 84, is that the Interstate and the community are brought together at the water’s edge of the Snake River.

Many of the Bible’s most powerful stories unfold at the water’s edge as well,

  • The Hebrew people began their conquest of the Promised Land at the water’s edge (Joshua 3:1-17).
  • Jesus was baptized and began His ministry at the water’s edge (Matthew 3:13-17).
  • The first disciples were called out from their lives and into God’s plan at the water’s edge (Matthew 4:18-22).
  • The Ethiopian found a new life in Christ at the water’s edge (Acts 8:26-40).

Our lives are not so different. Many times the road of life seems to wander aimlessly about when in reality it is leading us here, where the road of life, and God’s loving design for us, are brought together at the water’s edge.

Water’s Edge Fellowship is a church where people’s lives, and God’s loving desire, collide in a tidal wave of transformation, resulting in His plan being accomplished in them and through them.

Our Mission:

(To See) Real People, Transformed in Christ, Impacting Their Community

Our Vision:

To see the Great Commission lived out in a Gospel community where believers disciple and are being discipled towards life transformation in such a way that it drives them to impact their community with the love of Christ.

Our Values:

Gospel Centered: We believe the Bible is centered on the message of the gospel, the good news of what Jesus Christ accomplished for sinners through His sinless life, sacrificial death, and bodily resurrection. Our doctrine and our life as a church is to be centered on and continually shaped by this gospel and reflective of the love Christ demonstrated to every individual.

Discipleship Driven: We see disciple-making as a deliberate process, a community project experienced inside the local church. Jesus’s mandate is for a community of believers who, together and under the authority of the local church, seek to transfer the faith to the next generation. This is gospel-driven, Word-saturated, intentional one-anothering. It is men and women regularly teaching one another to obey what Jesus commanded. 

Community Minded: Motivated by Acts 1:8, We see the local community as the primary area of ministry and communicating the transformative love of Christ to each individual as the focus of every ministry effort. Compelled by the Great Commission, the church is to impact this community by walking with individuals as they transition from needing Christ, to knowing Christ, to serving Christ.