Community Fellowships

Water’s Edge creates inward community while reaching outward into our neighborhoods through intentionally designed community groups. These smaller communities within Water’s Edge Fellowship help to increase both intimacy and accountability within the body while also creating a pipeline for ministry to flow through as we serve God, impacting both the body and the community we minister in.


  What are they?

Community groups are small groups that engage life through God’s word while walking in community and relationship with each other. Because these communities are a primary entry point into Water’s Edge Fellowship, it is necessary these communities resist the temptation to become “closed” to outsiders. This is accomplished through an active commitment by every member to invite individuals they “do life” with into their community. As these groups grow beyond allowing for effective engagement, a new group will be planted to target a new neighborhood or focus group.

Why are they important to Waters Edge?

The earliest story in the Bible demonstrates the importance God places on relationships through the creation of Eve for Adam and His own presence with them in the garden. While the balance of God’s Word is the unfolding actions of His restoration of our relationship with Him, it also serves as an example of the church’s role in developing a relational community as described in Acts 2:41-47. Paul further demonstrates this commitment in his own ministry through both preaching publically and teaching house to house (Acts 20:20).